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Campaigning for the rights of the people for Justice and equality. I am passionate about issues that effect everyone. My main issue is seeking safety for all, including our police, and advocating for more police on the beat.



February 15th, 2012

I have been thinking about the toand fro of the politicians regarding processing of illegal boat people . Yes they are illegal because they have jumped the queue and left others to remain longer in the refugee camps.
No papers no health checks and yet the expect to come straight into the country.After passing through a safe country to get here.

My solution fro this would be for the Government to purchase an Ocean
liner and anchor it on our sea border. All the boat people would be taken there for processing.They would maintain the upkeep of the ship will on board.They would have to cook meals for everyone as if they were in the Navy.They would do all the laundry and childminding.We would not need so much security as there is nowhere for anyone to go to.

When they have passed the process they will be brought ashore where they would be given employment if not in the city they could work on farms or in the mining industry.Until aposition is found for them they stay at sea. If they do not qualify for refugee status they are put back on another boat and sent home.

Cheap Vegies Supermarkets

January 31st, 2012

How wonderfully generous ofour supermarkets to half the price of fruit and vegies.
Well that will get rid of the little family green grocer where for years we have bought
our fresh vegies. Then when that happens up go the supermarket prices. Then they can import all the
fruit and vegies from overseas where they use chemicals that have not
been used here for thirty years. How dumb do they think we all are.
I suggest you all start growing your own. vegies.Remember what happened when they
generously gave us petrol discount dockets how the price of petrol went sky high.
When the independents went out of business. Spare a thought for your country
and see where it is heading. Straight into the arms of foreign ownership.

Tarniet police station

January 8th, 2012

wasn’t nice for the labor govt to build us a new police station at Tarniet. supposedly 24hr station .Well it no longer is as they can not man the station 24hrs.But who cares about the residents in the western suburbs.Try phoning the Werribee Police station if you have an hour or two to spare.My suggestion if you need help call the fire brigade you will have six bug men at your house in minutes.

London Riots

August 9th, 2011

What a sad state of affairs the World is in.TRime to bring in the Army. We can not let these hooligans take over a country. This is tad ammount to treason. If caught they should take the full force of the Justice system If they are not residents od the Country they should be deported immediately. If they are they are jailed never to return to the streets again. If they can not live pracefully in the world exile them to an island and make them self sufficent. I am tired of the slaps on the wrist.

If they are underage the parents must pay a price maybe do their term in prison.

Turn on the fire hoses I do not care if they get injured they deserve it.

I am as mad as hell over this and the decent people do not want to tolerate it.

Can you imagine his happening in Singapore not likely. Bruing bacl the cat and nine tails for these ferals.


July 4th, 2011

what is happening in our State . When people can not walk the streets but in fear of being assaulted. Why is it that the Government and Police do not say the Nationalities of these offenders What are they hiding. Personally I believe that if you commit a crime with a weapon or a bashing and robbing people .You should get very long term sentencing. If you and your family are from another Country you should be deported. This is not the Australian way of life and we should not tolerate it. Our Government should do as they do in other Countries why the Hell are we so soft.. Much tougher penalties need to be put in place we have had enough.

Well the Greenies now think they rule the Country. However they will make such a mess of this Country I believe they are a one election wonder and will all be looking for real jobs next election.

However who will employ the people who took away the employment of thousands and sent our manufacturing overseas.
Families afraid to turn on the heating and unable to drive to work because of the rising fuel costs. Oh yes I forgot start growing your own food because I doubt you will be able to afford to buy it.

Then to the smart arses that thought it was the cool thing to vote Green congratulations. I listen to a lot of talk back radio and I am yet to hear anyone call in and say they voted Greens. Come guys and gals ,where are you, own up be honest.

I am not blaming the current Government for our problems they have a massive job to sort out.

I will say I do not believe they got the correct amount of money in the Pot from the Labor Party when they took over.

Our Police Command is under a cloud now we have the Public Prosecutor forced to resign. These are only a few things we hear about. What are we not being told.

Our roads are incapable of carry the amount of traffic the trains are packed to the hilt. Criminals are getting an easy run and seem to be getting away with so much crime and bashings.

Centrelink seem to be expected as a handout for all and sundry. If you come to this country as an emigrant you have to be able to afford your own lifestyle. But jump the queue and come here illegally we will give you handouts and keep and find a house for you to live in. Yet we have homeless families here living in cars and on the streets. poker machines on every corner of the street in the poorer areas ripping of the money from the vulnerable. Yet we are putting cigarettes in plan packets to cut back on smoking. Whilst you can get alchol 24 -7 any time of the year.

Then we have people saying that we can not have Christmas decorations we may offend someone. Well in my seventy years on this earth I have never hear a complaint.

We have babies having babies and being supported by the Government. What happened to the law on Carnal Knowledge if you had sex with a minor and what happened to maintenamnce by the fathers.

We have so many who do not want to go to work . Still we keep supporting them. They think it is their right to live off the taxes paid by the hard working people. They do not grow the money at Centrelink it is funded by the taxpayers to improve the infrastructure and for the needy, not to finance the Lazy Layabouts. I had a young fit man say to me “I am not worried about not working it is everyone else who worries.” Time to put atime limit on these payments.

We are fast becoming the country of welfare handouts for anyone who can afford the boat fare to get here If you can not afford it you wait in genuine refugee camps being put back further in the queue. While your fellow countrymen would rather run away from their Country than stay and fight for it. Better to let other countries Soldiers risk their lives and do it for you.

I do not believe we should ever let them get close enough to enter the Country. Now we hear they are lowering their age to get in via the Juvenille system. They certainly know all the moves.

Are these the people we wanrt in this country. The damage they have done to the facilities when offered a safe refuge they should have the army come in put them on and Airforce Plane and send them back.

How many of the people smugglers are ever imprisoned not too many to deter their busniess I would say.

Time the Australian Government got tough and not let them dictate what they want. I for one are fed up with these do gooders that say they are treated unfairly. I do not see any of them putting their names forward to rehouse these people. Maybe we should ask them to sign up to sponsor them.

By the way what do we get for our money going to the United Nations and why do we need them.

Death of a Swan

April 8th, 2011

I can not believe that 6 families have bred such monsters. I hope their parents are so proud of them. To bred such low life must be a great contribution to our society.

. How do they sleep at night I know I could not sleep last night just thinking about the Poor darling mother Swan and what her thoughts were as she was being stoned to death protecting her baby.

If these ferrals have one ounce of feeling they will turn themselves in for this is something that will live with them for the rest of their lives.

Please God protect the father swan and pray that his baby lives. We should get a reward started to catch these scum. I pity the public if these low life are not caught and heavily punished not just a slap on the wrist. If you are the parent of one of these low life turn them in because if they are not punished now their future will be prison

These idiots have now been caught job well done to the police now the justice system has to do their part.Come down hard on them no excuses that they are only children ,they have committed a most henious crime and should be punished serverly as I do not think they will have one bit of remorse


March 28th, 2011

Last week I attended the anti Carbon Tax rally in Canberra. Thank goodness we still have some right minded thinking persons in this Country. I realise that as it was a working day not all who wante to attend could do so.

We travelled up on one of the many buses from Melbourne and all over the Country. There were a considerable age range there.

I must say that I found a couple of posters offensive and we do not need these type at the rallies. I wonder if they were infiltrators trying to get us known as rabble. Over all the largest number 99% were there to fight for your and mine rights against a government that is almost acting like a dictatorship.

It is fine for them to impose all these extra taxes on the people.We pay them some huge amounts of salaries and perks they will not be effected. When all our industry foes to Countries with no Carbon Tax and we have no jobs we will be the third world Country.

More Carbon will be produced by these overseas Countries and the poor fool Australians who voted these Labor and Greens to power will realise what the Hell they voted for.

It amazes me how easily the people who vote for Greens think they are the Saviours of the world. Well guess what they will soon change their little minds when they take control of the Senate in July.

The Labor leaders and Bob Brown called the people at the rally extremists. I never heard one foul word or bad language from the time I left Melbourne until I returned.The people on our bus were the most courteous helpful people you would find anywhere.

If these people are extremist then I am more than happy to be one of them. Congratulations to all who made the effort to attend and have a voice. Well done We will keep up the fight. What this Country needs now is another election before we are taxed out.